Here you will find dash kits for all vehicles and tablets avaliable










Finished kits for ipad 






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                                                                                                                             price 59 usd


    ipad dash kit side slide                        60 usd






                                                                           Receive your products within 5 days by DHL Express                                                   

 Ipad assembled honda civic 2012 to 2016




The frame is made with the most high standard that come from manufactures bringing the perfect fited and colour for your car, see more photos of our products 


                                                                              $110 usd

Ipad kit suitable for nissan sentra 


Nissan sentra  ipad kit to be  assembled car's panel fitting perfectly because its molded with the most high 3d, see mor photos of ours products


                                                                                $120 usd





Ipad jeep renegade frame



If you love car acessories you will be surprise whith the new gadget that is a kit for ipad for jeep renegade without lose  original standard keeping control under your hands , see more photos in products



                                                                                       90 usd 




Hilux panel with ipad 



Your hilux need this kit to demonstrate  all the hilux beauty with a set of technology and acessories  which brings you safety and satisfaction. ipad dash kits were draw to awake safety and inovation to the driver . see more photos in products




Ipad kit mitisubishi Lancer 


The instalation consists of  a brief retreat from the original exchange and system connection through usb or bluetooth, we also send the installation video with step by step


                                                                       $120 usd





 Ipad kit for 8th civic generation



The kit for installation in the civic 8 th generation is composed for a frame in the exactly collor of the panel , support for the radio pionner 

necessary for adaptation in the civic , the indicate  radio is the pionner with app ARC  next to the kit goes , liquid rubber to attach the cable ligthning and suede finishing.









Civic 10 th generation with ipad 


As the civic input radio is quite simple that such a give an up in this ,with the civic 10 th  miniindash gen you have a powerfull method to adapt your ipad in the panel of this machine the frame kits consists of a frame (cable included)                                                                             






                                             $ 110 usd











Ipad 9.7 " for hyundai sonata 


Tjhe 9.7 "sonata ipad kit is amazing , with a wonderful finish and perfect fit, you transforme the panel of your sonata  into a tesla , a marvelous panel to fill your eyes if you have  a 9.7" ipad stopped at home . do not waste time  buy now the miniindash kit, and goes work, be amazed by its panel












Ipadmini dsh kit sportage 

ipad mini dash kit for Kia sportage 





                                     120 usd







               Look for the kit for your car on the products tab, in case you do not find us                    send an email with a photo of your panel that we will return to contact by                                                                                    whatsapp



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Advantages  of having an ipad in the car 

All  original commands preserved 


All original features of the car are preserved , steering well controls . rear camera , bluetooth , usb , and i-md , since the original receiver is still in place , and you will be able to control the entire sound system through the ipad voice hig definition screen and multi utility.

High definition screen and multi utility

the retina screen of the ipad delivers a new experience to its users , an incredible visual confort, as if whatching a very high resolution tv, can use the ipad  in addition to multimedia , at work, at school, and at home